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Listening from Below and the State Takeover of Atlantic City

There’s a takeover going on in Atlantic City, and it’s national news.  Trenton is near to approving a bill that would give the state near total authority to run AC for the next five years. If the bill is approved, the state is expected to slash budgets, sell assets, and cancel labor contracts in order to balance the city’s budget. Atlantic City’s balance sheet is due to run out of money on April 8. For the past year, Kevin Lagin, the same emergency manager that took Detroit through its bankruptcy process, has been under contract to assess how to deal

Video: The aftermath of casino closures in AC

Building a Sandcastle: A Broken Promise to Atlantic City tells the stories of the casino workers who remain after the wave of casino closures and layoffs in 2014. Now employed by an industry looking to secure its bottom line by cutting pensions, healthcare and work hours, casino employees are getting organized and fighting back. In the process they are working with neighbors across Atlantic City to reimagine the future of this resort town on the Jersey coast. Look for more stories from NJ as MMP works with communities throughout the state to build independent media and create new ties to