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The Mayor’s Promise

Editors Note: We accidentally cut off the camera about 90 seconds before the mayor completed here remarks. In what could be her final annual update, on Wednesday, February 15th, Mayor Dana L. Redd gave remarks as an update on what she describes as “Camden’s resurgence”. She stuck to common phrases and themes related to “moving Camden forward”. “What is a promise?”, the mayor asked. In her view, promises that have been made by the political establishment have been kept. She listed her original goals as restoring accountability to city hall, education reform, and making communities safer. She describes her progress

Camden should give all residents ID cards

On May 10th Camden Councilman Angel Fuentes introduced an ordinance to City Council to create a City Resident Identification Program. This program aims to help city residents that are not able to obtain a government ID. The most vulnerable people in our community would benefit from this program, such as the elderly, formerly incarcerated individuals, undocumented immigrants, the disabled and the homeless. Undocumented immigrants would be able to show an ID that is not in a foreign language and that the police can understand. They would be able to report crimes without the fear of being detained, reported to immigration