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The Mayor’s Promise

Editors Note: We accidentally cut off the camera about 90 seconds before the mayor completed here remarks. In what could be her final annual update, on Wednesday, February 15th, Mayor Dana L. Redd gave remarks as an update on what she describes as “Camden’s resurgence”. She stuck to common phrases and themes related to “moving Camden forward”. “What is a promise?”, the mayor asked. In her view, promises that have been made by the political establishment have been kept. She listed her original goals as restoring accountability to city hall, education reform, and making communities safer. She describes her progress

Voters’ Voices: Camden & the Presidential Election

  In October, I went to different neighborhoods in Camden to talk to residents and visitors about the presidential election. I found Trump, Clinton, and Stein supporters as well as people that were still undecided. Every time I went out, I was joined by different people that helped do video and get people to be interviewed.  Davelle did most of the editing, with Helyx, Milena, and I contributing as well. I targeted young adults and tried to get a diverse group of people to talk in front of the camera. I did find a Black man that was voting for

Criminal Justice Reform, Booker, & Camden

A few weeks ago, as reported by the Courier Post, Sen. Cory Booker, Camden County Metro Police Chief J. Scott Thomson, U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman, and Pastor William Heard of Kaighn Ave. Baptist Church sat on a stage discussing criminal justice reform. For the most part, they seemed informed and aware of the mess the all levels of government created in response to an illegal drug market and drug war that started in the 1980s. The openly unresolved issue of urban America, certainly Camden, is economics and jobs.  It doesn’t make much of a difference to talk about prison rates,

We Sink Or Swim Together

“I want our city to unite. We sink or swim together. This is about us.” – Betty Lewis of the NAACP on the state takeover of Atlantic City Atlantic City is under threat – but this historic American community has faced threats before.  This spring, facing a massive bankruptcy, Governor Chris Christie and State Senator Steve Sweeney pushed to move Atlantic City’s finances to state-level control through a state takeover. If passed, the proposed takeover, meant to protect the City from declaring bankruptcy, would have dismantled collective bargaining for city employees, nullified the power of elected officials (and hence the