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The Mayor’s Promise

Editors Note: We accidentally cut off the camera about 90 seconds before the mayor completed here remarks. In what could be her final annual update, on Wednesday, February 15th, Mayor Dana L. Redd gave remarks as an update on what she describes as “Camden’s resurgence”. She stuck to common phrases and themes related to “moving Camden forward”. “What is a promise?”, the mayor asked. In her view, promises that have been made by the political establishment have been kept. She listed her original goals as restoring accountability to city hall, education reform, and making communities safer. She describes her progress

Camden Voters Discuss the Primaries

In the last few weeks, Media Organizer Sean M Brown talked to voters in Camden about jobs, new development projects, and voting. Watch the quick video to hear what a few people are saying.  On Tuesday, June 7th voters will go to the polls to cast votes for the primary. Please share and comment. After the election polls close at 8pm, click here for results.  Unsure of where to vote? Click here. Continue to check NJ Platform for stories about what residents in Atlantic City and Camden are saying about the biggest issues in Camden.