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Camden’s Yungest Legend

Over the weekend, 17 year old Camden, NJ native Yung Poppa released his latest single “I Got the Keys Freestyle”. The song is a banging anthem for the living and lost, youth and entrepreneurs. In the song, he touches on politics, community, and fashion. Listen here. The song prominently displays the key and city silhouette logo of grassroots community organization CANDO. Camden African Neighborhood Development Organization, founded by Anthony “Mancakes” Ways is central to the song. CANDO sponsors athletic games throughout the year to build community, reduce violence, and provide a space for leaders to plan the next steps.  In a city

Black Lives Matter AC on Controlling Images and the Media

On Saturday, August 20th, the Black Lives Matter Atlantic City chapter had their 10th monthly forum. The forum’s theme was Perceptions of African Americans in the Media, with guests Dr. Donnetrice Allison, Associate Professor of Communications at Stockton University and Glynnis Reed, Atlantic City based visual artist. We discussed how mainstream media views African Americans through one lens—a constrained lens that is shaped by what sells. What sells are images of African Americans that perpetuate stereotypes, and our history has proven this: black men as the “happy slave” to the “coon” to the “brutal black buck.” For black women, images